3D Wood
Accurate to a fraction of a millimetre.

Highly precise and modern CNC technology.

Turning, milling, drilling – our CNC processing enables the production of objects from a wide variety of materials, such as wood, plastic or metal.


Precision machining: You couldn't ask for a closer shave.

For centuries, works of art have been created using additive or subtractive methods. In the case of additive methods – e.g., 3-D printing – objects are crafted by shaping soft materials from the inside outwards. In the case of subtractive methods, on the other hand, they acquire their final shape from the outside inwards, by removing material from a block. CNC milling is the latest version of the subtractive method. And it's simultaneously the most precise method – That's because the removal of the material at the desired places is not left to fallible human hands. Instead, the latest, high-precision machines perform this task. The CNC milling machines here at Atelier 3DW enable us to transfer even the most-complex digital models which we have crafted by means of 3-D scanning or D drawings / 3-D modelling to wood or wood-based materials. The mills ensure that each object acquires the shape you had envisioned in your mind and on our computer screens. Even objects several meters in size can be manufactured – and with a precision measured in a fraction of a millimetre.


Serial production: One-of-a-kind workpieces – produced in series? Yes, we can!

We know that the manufacture of a one-of-a-kind workpiece in series is impossible, by definition. But: Your ideas, together with our know-how, enables us here at Atelier 3DW to blaze trails and craft unique objects – when can also be manufactured in series, if you wish. In serial production, too, work starts with a model that has gone through Atelier 3DW's classic work process. It is conceived in a brainstorming process between you and us and put to paper in the form of a hand-made sketch which is then transferred, perfected, and digitalized by means of 3-D drawings / 3-D modelling; depending upon the actual case, it can also be checked by means of 3-D printing. In contrast to conventional copy-milling methods, however, our method does not necessitate the use of a bronze model that is scanned and the manufacture of which requires a lot of time and money. Rather, our CNC milling machines employ the digital data we feed into them; they also operate much more precisely than traditional machines. As a result, every individual serial object is an exact copy of the model. And the object's size is of only marginal importance. That's because we can manufacture almost anything – from one centimetre and up to three meters in size.

State-of-the-art CNC milling machines.
3D Wood