3D Wood
We give your ideas depth.

Detailed 3D scanning and precise 3D modelling.

Our "reverse engineering" or "digital sculpting" technology enables the 3D digitisation of a real object, or even a sketch or idea.


3D scanning: From the object on the computer screen. And back again.

Normally, the production process of Atelier 3DW leads from the computer screen to the physical object. But in some cases, the reverse is true – for example when the goal is to make a reproduction of a valuable object. Often, it is not possible to measure, rotate, and otherwise manipulate such an object without damaging it. For this reason, we use contact-free, highly precise 3-D scanning technologies to digitally scan cultural treasures. They recognize and capture even the smallest details, the sharpest edges, and the thinnest walls. The result: A virtual 3-D model allowing the scanned objet d'art to be exactly duplicated even if it is damaged or destroyed. But works of art and cultural treasures aren't the only application for 3-D scans. On the contrary. 3-D scans are also used to craft new objects (e.g., when there is already a ceramic, plaster, or wax model) so that it can be further developed, optimized and more-precisely configured, to increase or decrease designs in size, or to provide the database for reproducing objects in any desired quantity. The applications for professional 3-D scanning are virtually limitless. And because 3-D scanning begins with an object and ends with an object, this is also known as "reverse engineering" among experts. We call it: the future of craftsmanship.


3D drawings & 3D modelling: Giving depth. In the true sense of the word.

How can you make a reproducible model from an idea? Or, to express the question differently: How can you transfer an idea from your mind to the computer screen? We've already described how this can be done with 3-D scanning: The path leads from the workbench to the computer and then back again. Another path begins directly at the computer. In this case, technical and geometric objects are rendered as 3-D drawings and organic objects are created by means of 3-D modelling. Like with "real" sculpting and like model development at the workbench, the designing of objects on the computer screen is a creative process which is best left to the professionals. Here at Atelier 3DW, our sculptors are experts in digital sculpting. They thus create objects on the computer screen as though they were working with digital clay. These objects can be rotated and tilted. It is possible to zoom in on details, and one can view the workpiece from any imaginable angle. The result is a virtual object developed in close cooperation with you – a CAD or mechanical CAD model (MCAD) that will ignite the imagination and make the developmental process easier, more efficient, faster, and more cost-effective. That's how your ideas acquire depth. And enter into the third dimension..

3D visualisation of your ideas.
3D Wood