3D Wood
A new dimension of printing.

Professional high-quality 3D printing.

Premium 3D printers create ready-made objects, individual parts, small series, models or realistic prototypes from a wide range of materials.

The end result obtained on the computer screen here at Atelier 3DW when using 3-D scanning or 3-D drawings / 3-D modelling is much more than just a collection of zeroes and ones. Rather, you get extremely detailed templates for complex objects given form by Atelier 3DW. By means of CNC milling machines as well as through the use of 3-D printing.
Our high-precision 3-D printers make even the smallest details visible and palpable. That's because we push their technical capabilities to the limit. After all, we usually work in the area of art, and are therefore well aware: Artists are not interested in restrictions. Nor should the ideas of engineers, designers, architects, landscape planners, exhibition organizers, or restorers be constrained by technical limits. That's why we here at Atelier 3DW work with various different materials and 3-D printers enabling us to achieve the greatest possible degree of detail and to render even the most-delicate nuances.
3-D printers yield finished objects – but can also be used to create prototypes whose surfaces, details, and proportions can be directly double-checked on the physical object itself. That enables us to immediately recognize possible deviations or weaknesses. Not just with our eyes – but with our fingers, too.

Beyond the third dimension.
3D Wood