3D Wood
Add the finishing touches.

Post-processing and refinement of your 3D models.

Gluing individual parts, detailed work such as smoothing, surface treatments and engraving – all this and much more is done by hand in the Atelier 3DW workshop.


Carpentry shop: We are experts in woodworking. Not something the woods are full of.

Combining age-old craftsmanship with the newest technology leads to a unique outcome. And it is this uniqueness that guides us in all of our woodworking projects. Regardless of whether the project is large-scale or of modest proportions, of whether it is a special menu or an entire sauna facility, a modern bar, an oddly-designed table, unusual furniture, or something completely undreamt-of and wholly unprecedented. Our ability to strive for this uniqueness is the result of long years of experience on the one hand. But we also owe it to the know-how of our company's carpentry experts and of course to the machine park of Atelier 3DW. And so, our joinery stands out due to the high quality of its workmanship as well as because of our quick delivery times and the wide range of woods we work with..


Finishing: To give something the proverbial "last touch"? We take that literally.

The objects exiting our machines display high precision. Nevertheless, it is still sometimes necessary to perform a visual check and maybe even give them a "final touch." They must also be brushed and polished so that nothing – really nothing – snags our fingertips. Or our eyes, when light is reflected off of one of our workpieces. Furthermore, we understand that each product has to fulfill certain individual requirements you specify. That's why we have specialized in various different surface treatment methods and finishing techniques: with natural oils or waxes, with varnishes or paints, and with gold-colored metals or real gold. And because the personalization process doesn't end here, Atelier 3DW also offers the option of engraving wooden surfaces by laser. It doesn't matter if you want an engraved text or an image. Or if you want individual workpieces engraved or a whole line of objects from serial production. Even in the latter case, we can make the desired engraving. And it can even be different, from one object to the next. Finally, our finishing – from polishing to packaging – has only one goal: The object must deliver what we have promised.

Finished by hand.
3D Wood