3D Wood
Watch ideas take shape.

From concept, to prototype, to 3D production.

Whether you are a company, an artist, designer, architect or a private client, at Atelier 3DW you will meet creative minds who can turn your ideas into reality.

Just as in other areas, a single idea can be our starting point. Even the craziest ones. We then take this idea and work out and shape it into a project. We devise the plans and renderings, develop the prototypes, manufacture the end-product, deliver and assemble it on site. Everything from a single source. Not something the woods are full of.
So don’t hesitate to let us know about your idea, even if it is still vague. We look forward to implementing your individual wishes... You’ll be amazed: Atelier 3DW makes almost anything possible!

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From the idea to the end product.
3D Wood