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3D printed chair

Project details
Customer: Crepaz Willi
Material: PLA
The focus of the project was on the production of an armchair designed by Marco Corti. To realise the vision of the design, a 3D printer with filament was used. PLA (polylactide) was chosen as the material for printing. The armchair was produced in several steps. First, the 3D printing of the armchair model was done using the filament. PLA is a widely used plastic material that is well suited for 3D printing. It is lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly. After printing, the surface of the armchair was carefully finished. Brushing was used to achieve a smooth and even surface. The chair was then lacquered in anthracite to give it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The anthracite lacquer finish gives the armchair a modern and timeless elegance. To improve the comfort of the armchair, it was finally upholstered. This step ensures a pleasant seating surface and enables comfortable sitting for longer periods of time. The upholstery was selected according to the ergonomic requirements and the design of the armchair to ensure an optimal balance between comfort and aesthetics. The result is a unique armchair that impresses with its individual design and high-quality PLA material. With the combination of the careful surface finish, the anthracite-coloured lacquer and the comfortable upholstery, the armchair is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Crepaz Willi can be proud of this custom-made piece of furniture that brings Marco Corti's design vision to life.
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