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HYC 50 Front

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Customer: Alpitronic
Material: Walnut
Alpitronic, an innovative company from South Tyrol, has introduced a new front for its HYC 50 charging station, which is made from high-quality walnut wood. This elegant front is not only an aesthetic eye-catcher, but also emphasises the company's sustainability efforts by using natural materials. The HYC 50 is known for its efficiency and performance, with a maximum charging power of 50 kW and an impressive efficiency of up to 97.5%. The station offers dynamic load management, a robust cable management system and is designed for use in various environmental conditions, making it an ideal choice for public charging infrastructure. With the new walnut front, Alpitronic sets a new standard in the design of charging stations and shows that functionality and design can go hand in hand.
Alpitronic - 3D Wood three dimensional thinking